Saturday, March 20, 2010

It is Kite Season!

The March winds have started to blow and we are fully prepared! We carry a wide range of kites for all ages and all budgets, and now is the perfect time to plan a day to fly. We get a lot of questions about which kites are the best kind, and truth be told they are all awesome, it just depends on the flyer's skill level and the speed of wind you will be flying in.

For the littlest kite fliers, we recommend mini kites such as pocket parafoils. They are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, easy enough for even the littlest kids to fly, and they will not get lost in the wind if the string happens to slip from their grasp. They do not require much wind either, and we find that the little ones love to run with them to get them in the air.

The next step up is for young kids who can hold on to a kite string with confidence and who can get and keep it in the air with some help from mom and dad. For this group we recommend either an "easy flier" or a small to mid size diamond kite. Their simple shapes and single string make them easy to maneuver and easy to fly in relatively low winds.

For kids who can launch and fly a kite all by themselves, there is an endless range of shapes and designs, like delta kites, box kites, and beautifully shaped birds, butterflies, planes, dragons, and pirate ships. Most of these kinds of kites require a little practice to do any fancy maneuvering, and because of their larger sizes they also require a bit more wind.

And lastly, for the big kids (aka mom and dad), we carry some advanced two-string sport kites, also called stunt kites. their shapes are similar to delta kites, but the double strings make them nimble in the air, and they are able to bob, weave, dive, and do loops. These kites are usually for kids 12+ because they require a good degree of control and respect for bystanders, as well as substantial winds.

If you have any kite questions feel free to ask any of our employees or leave us a comment or e-mail!

Images courtesy of one of our favorite kite suppliers, Skydog Kites. They also have some great instructional videos on how to build and fly kites, here.

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