Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Insect Lore

Every spring we carry a fantastic bunch of products by a company called Insect Lore. They make educational habitats for all kinds of critters. All off our stores have Butterfly Gardens, Ladybug Lands, Earthworm Nurseries, and Ant Hills, as well as a variety of little bug houses for observing the habits of wild-caught bugs. When you buy the kits, they come with a free mail-in voucher to get your little inhabitants shipped directly to your door. These kits are great for teaching children about the life cycles, habitats, and diets of the bugs and animals they get to take care of. It is also a great way to build responsibility awareness, because even though they are just taking care of bugs, they still need to feed them and make sure they have what they need.

These kits also give you the opportunity to teach your children about ecology and the environmental impacts that we would see if we ceased to have these little critters in our world. It is such a great tool to help children understand how wonderful they are - how earthworms filter the soil and feed the plants, how ladybugs and butterflies are not only beautiful but eat harmful bugs too, and how if there were no more earthworms plants could not grow. Let them know how important these tiny creatures are and that preserving our water and land will preserve the delicate balance of nature. Kids tend to relate to these tiny bugs and their big impact with relative ease, and it helps them to have confidence that even though they are small, they can change the world too.

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