Friday, April 9, 2010


We just got in this amazing new toy called the Aquaplay water canal system. In the past, we have carried a variety of sand and water tables that are great for teaching children about cause and effect, as well as simple physics like gravity, surface tension, and early fluid dynamics. But this new set has just blown us away with what the kids can do. They are able to explore the movements of realistic waterways in a small scale environment. The sets come in varying sizes and include tons of different ways to interact with the water, such as levies, wave makers, and pumps, as well as plenty of boats and accessories. But it gets better: the Aquaplay is also a customizable building toy. Much in the fashion of classic wooden railway sets like Thomas trains, kids can start with a small set and add pieces to construct one-of-a-kind waterways. Check out this great video to see the Aquaplay in action, and come by our stores to check them out!

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