Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speech Therapy 101

Exciting news at our San Francisco Store! One of our neighbors from not too far up on Union street is Kim Scott, M.S., CCC-SLP, a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She runs Speech Therapy 101, a business dedicated to not only the development of children's speech but to the education of parents on how to take their child's speech development into their own hands.

The thing we love the most about Kim and her business is that she focuses on prevention of speech disorders. Instead of waiting for the time when treatment is needed, she uses music, signing, books, and play therapy to make sure each child hits their developmental milestones on time. It is wonderful that she encourages parents to be as active as possible in their child's speech development, allowing them to come for a session or open workshop whether or not their children have speech disorders.

We are partnering with Kim, who often sends her clients down to our store to pick up a few special toys that she likes to use in her play therapy, to make it easier for parents to locate useful toys and understand how to use them to develop a child's speech responses. Keep an eye out on our shelves for informative placards authored by her to indicate these toys.

Even if you are not yet a client of Kim's, we are sure you will find these new little labels very helpful and informative. If you would like to get more active in your child's speech development, the cards flag the toys to use and give you exercises and key words to teach. And if you are interested in more instruction in the matter, be sure to contact Kim at Speech Therapy 101 for a free consultation.

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